Satellite view of salt fields in Wudi County, China
Mar 2024

Wudi County’s salt fields

Satellite view of Wudi County, China

Amazing geometries seen in 3D in China’s Shandong Province. But make no mistake: although these look like extremely well organized crop fields, we’re looking an immensity of salt fields and aquaculture ponds ! Wudi County is one of the biggest salt producing regions in China with some 36,500 hectares of sea salt fields and an annual volume of 1 million tonnes.

Aquaculture impact in the Bohai

A significant portion of the land, there, and all along the Bohai sea’s coastline, is also dedicated to aquaculture, with concerning impacts for the environment. Intensive sea farming has involved extensive land reclamation and upset ecosystems, coupled with pollution linked to the use of chemicals and antibiotics.

Preserving the Bohai costline

In 2018, the government published an action plan to improve standards and reduce the scale of coastal aquaculture in the Bohai sea. The initiative aimed at bringing the industry in line with environmental requirements, promote more environmentally-friendly and attractive aquaculture approaches and encourage deep-sea aquaculture and marine ranching.