Here's what Nimbo has in store for you as part of free access or professional plans

Basic access


  • Earth online access
  • 4 data layers
  • Full time range
  • All features
  • GIS software API & QGIS plugin
  • Limited to 60,000 geocredits


On demand

  • Earth online access
  • All data layers
  • Full time range
  • Premium support
  • GIS software API & QGIS plugin
  • Custom geocredit amount
  • LAI index
  • Live analytics products
  • Premium support

Questions you may have

What’s in the Free Nimbo offer ?

By creating your free Nimbo account, you can access all maps and features on the Earth Online web platform. Plus you get a free allocation of 60,000 geocredits, refilled every month. Try it now !

What’s a geocredit ?

Geocredits are the units used to count your navigation on Nimbo’s mosaics. Free plans come with 60,000 geocredits per month. Get in touch with sales if you need more !

How can I use my free plan ?

Once your Nimbo account is created, you can navigate all our maps on the Earth Online webplatform. An API token is also available from your customer account to upload any map in your GIS software.

How does geocredit count work ?

Quite simple: each request (ie. map tile displayed) counts for one geocredit, regardless of the layer or feature used on Nimbo Earth Online or Earth Basemaps. And that’s that !