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Russia : satellite view of the Volga river in Summer Russia : satellite view of the Volga river in winter

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Earth timelapse as easy as it gets

Create mind-blowing animations of land evolutions in a couple of clicks. Export, share with your communities or illustrate your articles.

Timelapse of Thartar Lake in Iraq
Morocco : timelpase of new constructions in the outskirts of Tangier
Antarctic: timelapse of ice melt

Reveal the full potential of satellite imagery  

4 synthetic layers updated every month created in-house from Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 satellite images

Basemap color layer RGB

Natural Colors

Basemap color layer Infrared


Basemap color layer NDVI

Vegetation index (NDVI)

Basemap color layer Radar


Get live vegetation analytics

User-friendly NDVI measure and monitoring feature to asses vegetation health on-the-fly. Generate your graph over the desired point or area and period, and export your data.

Capture of NDVI monitoring feature on NImbo Earth Online

Evolutive 3D satellite maps

Toggle to 3D to watch land changes as they happen on the ground, anywhere on Earth


3D view of earth online platform
Desktop displaing free access map platform

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How can I create a Nimbo account ?

In order to create your Nimbo account, just head to our Earth Online platform, fill in the short subcription form, confirm your e-mail, then log in. Voilà !

Can I get free satellite images on Earth Online ?

Earth Online lets you access all our monthly mosaics since October 2019 through our webplatform, for free. For everyone… Read more

Can I compare before and after satellite images on Nimbo ?

Comparing before and after satellite images can prove hard to achieve for non specialists. Nimbo Earth Online makes it a child’s play…. Read more

What is infrared satellite imagery ?

Nimbo Earth Online provides an infrared view of the whole world’s landmass, updated every month: a different perspective to watch land evolutions… Read more

What is NDVI and what does it tell ?

Among satellite data used for vegetation monitoring, NDVI is perhaps the most common. This vegetation index proves essential in many fields… Read more

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