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AI-powered geospatial analytics for land monitoring

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Detect and monitor land evolutions anywhere on Earth

Use Nimbo to detect changes automatically, capture land dynamics and translate them into analytic insights.

Expert remote sensing combined with cutting-edge deep-learning techniques to track land cover and land use evolutions, at any scale.

Map showing Artificialization of soils evolution


Continuous forest monitoring, at any scale

Nimbo’s non-stop, scalable forest mapping and analytics support communities’ efforts to preserve and sustainably manage their forests.

Objective data to monitor deforestation, estimate climate change impact or calculate carbon sequestration.

Visualization of deforested areas through satellite imagery
NDVI chart with satellite view

Earth analytics: non-stop NDVI monitoring

Use Nimbo Earth Online’s free NDVI monitoring feature to assess vegetation health, anywhere in the world.


Measure, report, verify

Nimbo provides public and private organizations with non-stop, objective geospatial analytics to monitor sustainability initiatives, such as regenerative agriculture.

User-friendly indicators available through reports, dashboards or API integration to verify implementation and measure efficiency.

Fields with soil cover crops rate values


Get near real-time insights on our most precious resource

Nimbo’s continuous stream of satellite data helps communities around the world in their efforts to sustainably manage water resources.

Actionable analytics and early warning systems for environmental conservation, irrigation monitoring and drought resilience.

A river-like water body seen from above in a desertic region


Quantify climate impacts

Real-time assessment of climate hazards impact, at any scale.

Dynamic forage production indices to inform public and private compensation schemes like parametric insurance.

Fodder map west of France
Satellite vew of delineated fields over the Mont Saint Michel bay

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