Earth Basemaps

GIS-ready satellite maps. Worldwide, cloud-free, updated every month. Create your Nimbo account to retrieve any month available.

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AI-driven cloud removal process

10-m resolution

Seamless and homogenous

5 color layers



Software integration API & QGIS plugin


The most up-to-date Earth basemaps out there, without clouds

Exclusive AI-driven cloud removal technology applied to Sentinel satellite imagery. Worldwide, every month.


Satellite view Istanbul with clouds Satellite view Istanbul clouds removed


Keeping track of global change

New 10-m resolution basemaps coming out every month to closely monitor land evolutions all over the world

Satellite timelapse of the world in 2023


Multi-spectral data for experts

Nimbo leverages Sentinel’s passive and active sensors

to produce synthetic satellite views in five color layers worldwide, every month

Color data layer basemap rgb


Natural colors

Color data layer basemap infrared


Near Infrared

Color data layer basemap NDVI, vegetation health

Vegetation index (NDVI)

Vegetation health index

Satellite view with LAI basemap

Leaf Area Index (LAI)

Vegetation density (Paid plan only)

Color data layer basemap SAR radar


Band-C VV-VH index

3D view for altimetry data


Digital Elevation Model


Analysis-ready basemaps, worldwide

At once homogenous, seamless and continuous, Nimbo’s Earth basemaps have been designed for machine learning algorithm implementation, monitoring tasks and training models based on time series.

World basemap with analytics

GIS Software compatibility

Nimbo’s basemaps are designed for smooth integration in GIS platforms. Use our exclusive QGIS plugin to connect and upload any Nimbo basemap into your software.

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Satellite view with qgis parameters

Make the most of Nimbo’s Basemaps

Want to integrate Nimbo’s Earth Basemaps in your visualization platforms or other geospatial-related project ? We’ll be happy to discuss it with you !

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