Can I get free satellite images on Earth Online ?

Earth Online lets you access all our monthly mosaics since October 2019 through our webplatform, for free. Here’s how it works.

Earth Online lets you access all our monthly mosaics since October 2019 through our webplatform, for free. For everyone to be able to navigate our maps, though, we have introduced a system of geocredits. here’s how it works.

The Earth’s surface visible at any given time since October 2019, without clouds : that’s what you can get on Nimbo Earth Online‘s satellite images, for free. All you have to do is to create your Nimbo account. This operation will entitle you to a free subscription to Nimbo’s services. It is renewed monthly, but you’ll never have anything to pay. We don’t even ask you for your credit card information.

Nimbo features and satellite layers open for everyone

We have indeed chosen to let everyone explore our whole dataset of satellite images for free, so that more people, even not specialized in the field, can give a go at navigating geospatial imagery.

That is why all our features are entirely available for all geography enthusiasts to enjoy : split view, swipe and our amazing timelapse animation tool. Also free are our four satellite layers, namely natural colors, infrared, NDVI (vegetation health) and radar. A fifth layer, displaying our LAI index, can be accessed under a paid plan.

Free satellite views, but not unlimited

So subscription to, and use of Nimbo Earth Online is entirely free. Free, but not unlimited. This means that any user will get an amount of browsing credits per month – we call them geocredits – to navigate our maps as they please. Once these credits run out, all services will stop until they automatically refill at the start of the following month. So, kind of like a mobile phone plan, but at no charge.

But don’t worry, Nimbo’s free geocredit allocation is amply sufficient to enjoy Earth exploration as you please. And should you need more, just get in touch with us to learn more about our paid plans !

Reuse of Nimbo’s free satellite images: what are the rules ?

Satellite images of the world available on Earth Online are free for consultation, and can also be freely shared on any platform or communications channel, as long as :

  • It is not used for commercial purpose
  • Original Nimbo data and visualisations are not modified
  • Nimbo and Kermap are duly credited. The credit mention should be as follows : “[Credit Nimbo by Kermap]. Contains modified Copernicus Sentinal data [year]

For more information on Nimbo data use, please refer to our terms of use.

Open-access satellite imagery from the Copernicus programme

Finally, a word on the source of the visualizations available on Nimbo Earth Online. They come from satellite images acquired by the Sentinel constellations from the Copernicus Programme. This is the Earth Observation component of the European Union’s space programme, “looking at our planet and its environment for the benefit of all European citizens”. As such, all the information coming from Copernicus is “free and openly accessible to users”.